Renaissance, also known as Paris 2054: Renaissance, is a 2006 animated tech noir science fiction film. The movie, which was co-produced in France, United Kingdom and Luxembourg, was directed by Christian Volckman. It was released on 15 March 2006 in France and 28 July 2006 in the UK by Miramax Films. In the English language version, some of the main characters are voiced by Daniel Craig, Jonathan Pryce and Ian Holm. Renaissance uses a style of motion capture animation in which almost all images are exclusively black-and-white; only occasional colour is used for detail. The film concerns a French policeman investigating the kidnapping of a scientist who may hold the key to eternal life in a futuristic and slightly dystopian Paris.

Directed by Christian Volckman

Produced by Roch Lener, Aton Soumache, Alexis Vonarb

Screenplay by Mathieu Delaporte, Alexandre de la Patellière, Patrick Raynal, Jean-Bernard Pouy

Story by Alexandre de la Patellière, Mathieu Delaporte

Music by Nicholas Dodd

Edited by Pascal Tosi


company Onyx Films, Millimages, LuxAnimation, Timefirm Limited, France 2 Cinéma

Distributed by Pathé Distribution