THE ROOM - in postproduction      Released date 2019


Kate and Matt are a young New York couple in their thirties. He’s a struggling comic book artist, she’s tired of her job as a translator. In search of a more authentic and healthy life, they leave the City and move into an old house in upstate New Hampshire. They soon discover a secret hidden room that has the extraordinary power to materialize anything they wish for. Like children in a fairytale candy house, they spend days and nights indulging their every desire of material possession. And then one day, they ask for a child… a little boy.


Beneath this apparent state of bliss, something darker lurks and some wishes can have dire consequences: the Room’s creations cannot leave the house without wasting away. The Room could very well turn their dream into a nightmare…

Renaissance is a futuristic animated thriller thats filmed in motion capture, animated in 3D and rendered in flat black and white. In the year 2054 in Paris, police and the Avalon Corp. are trying to find a kidnapped researcher who holds knowledge that can transform the future of the human species altogether.



THE KID - in pre-production


FilmNation has boarded its first animated feature: A science fiction re-imagining of Chaplin Chaplin’s 1921 film “The Kid” to be directed by Christian Volckman (“Renaissance”) and Rupert Wyatt (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”)


RAPACES - in development


Quentin, a journalist,  is send to write about a murder that took place at the French/Belgium border. Obsessed by the death of a young girl, Quentin, soon becomes one of the main suspects. His only choice is to solve the murder...